Tuesday, September 25, 2007

B'day Celebrations Today

This picture, I experimented with attaching is of our 7 year old great granddaughter Brittany. This was at one of her performance in singing. She is quite a little show gal, which of course you can see we are proud of her.

Today is my husband's b'day and we will celebrate with very dear friends this evening. I still have to "make" his b'day card and will do that while he goes visiting (one of his favorite things to do) an elderly couple in our Church. He has already gotten many cards and will probably get flowers today from our son and his family. They are in the florial business in OK and have a contact out here in our city who does a beautiful job each time we receive flowers. There is even a florial school that is part of the shop.

I haven't finished the baby quilt I was chatting about in my last blog for our fourth great grandchild, but really shouldn't take too long to complete. I had gotten some input from my friend Brenda over at Bz Place about putting bows on the monkeys, so now it is all in my head what to do. I can always depend on her for ideas and her honest opinion, which I really appreciate.

I'm setting here "resting" after "poppy" and I cleaned the clubhouse in our mobile park. We do this "little" job every Tuesday, and since "poppy" has a problem with his back now, I have had to do the mopping, ugh! I'm hoping I can get enough energy to do some bathroom cleaning.

Until next time!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trying "Again!"

I have not blogged since July 29! Between "laziness" and being busy (then of course who isn't), that is the "excuse" each day popping in my mind. I read the blogs and enjoy them (always reading my friend B's from Bz Place) and some others too.

I finished painting my office/craft room, still have a few things to get organized/find a place to put them; did the weekly church bulletin/calendar (which is monthly), tend to my husband who has been down with his back (and is a pain in my backside, but I love him) and a few other zillion things too.

I'm now thinking about decorating for fall. Received my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine yesterday and it had some great ideas for outside decorations. We have a birdbath and I have wanted to decorate if for fall and now have a "plan" thanks to Better Homes and Gardens. I have been planning on having an "faux" pumpkin patch and that is part of the theme around the birdbath. Yepee.

With our 4th great grandchild coming the first part of November, I started on her quilt, which I've made for the three others. Her dad's nickname from me is Monkey, as he clunged to him mom just like a baby monkey, and her room theme is monkeys and first "teddy" bear is a monkey, so she is getting a monkey quilt (the material has "sock" monkeys on it) too. The back is lavendar, I will "tie" it with lavendar yarn and going to try and make a bow around each monkey's neck as well. Maybe, just maybe, I'll post a picture on my blog when finished, with the help of B of course as she's my blogging expert now. Since "the great grandpa" is an Angel fan and so is her dad (along with two of her uncles) we will also get her a "pink" rally monkey. BTW she will be born in the State of Oklahoma.

Being so busy with other "things," I am still making cards for family and friends; however, not pursuing the business side. Not sure if I ever will; however, I still enjoy creating/making them for others.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Week Has Passed

On my last blog I talked about getting ready to paint my office. The project is almost complete, tomorrow I'll put on the final coat, then also going to check about getting a piece of remnant carpet to put in before we move all the furniture in. I will then get started putting it all back together. Last week I couldn't even see the end of the tunnel as far as completing just the painting. I must say I am pleased with the results and so is my husband. He teased me this afternoon saying, "sure looks good, don't think we need another coat (this will be the second), then turned towards me smiling cause you can see where it does need the second one. "Husbands!" Glad I've only had one!

Having a Church family is just like having your "blood" family. This morning before Sunday School convened our pastor, who has and still, at times, does drywalling or carpenter work (and is good at it) and his brother, Ray, who is a painter by trade said they would help get the job done. Our Pastor will mask the "rooms" that is right still have more than one room to do and his brother will bring his spray gun and will get it all done in a day. Now isn't that a blessing. It is very hard for me to have other help me with any project I have. Our pastor's wife, Brenda, who is a blogger over at bzplace chimed right in and said you will get it all over with quickly. Church "families" do look after each other especially at our church. We have been blessed by God leading us to our church in BP, CA.

Our "target date" to finish the painting will be week after next. So this week will be very busy as my hubby and I will moved all our "small stuff" in the family room and reorganize so the big pieces can be moved in there too or we'll set some of the items on the carport and cover it.

Another chapter in my house painting episode again in a few days.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Am I Tired?

Have been putting the primer on in my office. Have a big desk in it so have to cover it well and work around it, which is a bummer. Think the project "might" be a little easier. Told hubby I would have never in my wildes dream would have know that when I have almost reached 70 that I would get so tired just paint a room. Seems all I do is moan and groan as I go up the ladder or get up from the floor. I keep telling myself it will be worth it when it is all done.

I have lots of things I like to do; however, the energy seems to take over the will. However, I am greatful to the Lord being able to paint my house at this age. There are many I know that simple "cannot" do it. God is good.

Now I will "hobble" off and get a shower and relax for a while. Plus scrub paint off my whole body.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad Experience With Kmart

I had two bad experiences with Kmart yesterday, not at one but two of them. Went with hubby looking for a bookcase and futon for his office. The first store I went to the "boys" that "tried" to help me acted like they were new employees or hadn't had the proper training. I left there very upset and with no satisfaction about the items I was looking for. We then, after going to the DQ, went to another Kmart and had the same "service" except for on mature young woman who was off the clock and trying to find someone that worked in the furniture dept as she worked in the shoe dept. The one that helped me was not familiar with the furniture dept., tried to find the manager; however, the manager was in the back room. I then told the "young man" to forget it I'm leaving. Stopped by the Customer Service Counter and unloaded on a young girl there, who by the was was waiting on a customer and did look at me while I ranted and raved. I have determined not to do any more shopping at Kmart and did sent an email to their customer service department; receiving a reply within an hour. What was so funny was they appologized and then said they hope I would enjoy my next shopping trip to their store. What a laugh I had. I proceeded to again reply to their email and stated that I had said "I would not be shopping at their store again and would let all my friends know of the situation I found my self in." Got another reply from them, being Sears, asking me for the address of the store and state. I will give them the address of both stores. Have any of you out there in "blogland" had a similar experience with K-Mart?

Thanks for letting me blow off more steam about my afternoon with K-Mart.

I'm ready to start painting tomorrow morning. Whoopie!

Until next time, have a wonderful week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yea for Me

I have everything moved out of my office except my "big" desk so I can get it painted. Tomorrow I'll wash the walls down then fill all the holes. We live in a mobile home and the previous owners had nails all over the walls in every room; so as I paint I fill in the holes. I will paint it white and still not sure of the color I will accessorize with, but will probably be a dark blue.

Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be well on my way to painting. I'm painting paneling so that means I have to prime it first. It will be worth all the work once it is finished.

Not much on my mind to blog about so I'll make this short.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where Do I Start?

It has been over a week since I've did any blogging. Company has come and gone and I'm trying to find energy to get things put back together. We took in Medieval Times and had to tell the waiter the place they put us, since we had handicaps people with us, was not acceptable. He did accommodate us though. See we had three handicap people and then one young person (19), then my husband who is over 70 and my self who is just under that age. Whew I'm getting tired all over again just mentioning it. This was my husband's brother, his wife and granddaughter they have raised and his sister. My brother in law is on oxigen, his wife has had a stroke so they definitely need assistance and my husband's sister just has to walk slow. Can you imagine/vision us going to Disneyland too? We finally got on the tram; however, there is a great distance you have to walk (I did get a handicap parking next to the elevator on the 5th floor of the parking structure) to the entrance of "good old Disneyland." We had to go to plan "b" which was my niece and I along with my slow walking sister in law (she really is game for anything) checked in and went to the stroller/wheelchair rentals. We rented 3 of them (slow sister in law sat in hers and waited for us) while we went and "collected" the other two and put them in the wheel chair. Then on to the great Disney amusement park. Most of the rides do accommodate handicap people. I have said all of that to let you know why I just haven't been "blogging." Us ladies did do some shopping and had fun. The last day they were here we went to Downtown Disney for them to get souvenirs. They left that evening had a lay over in Phoenix and then was to go on their destination Abq NM; however, because of bad weather they had to layover till 3 pm the next day. But they did all make it home safely. All said and done we were glad to see them come as I'm sure they will not be able to do this again. Time marches on and this is what happens when you live away from family and someone becomes ill. So we do thank the Lord for this precious time together. They have already lost two of their sibblings.

Could "post" a lot more, but believe I'll just wait till the next time, perhaps tomorrow.

However, may I say if you are young be greatful for each time you get with precious family and friends. If you have reached being a senior citizen really charish all the times you can visit with your family and friends. I'm so greatful for the computer where I can do the "instant messaging" with my sibblings. Doesn't seem so long in between not "seeing" them.

May you all have a great week.